Seattle wedding photography has changed dramatically over the years and it’s quite interesting to see how it has evolved. Though, for many, they don’t really think photography has changed so much. However, photography five or ten years ago was completely different compared to fifty years ago; and it is certainly very different from today also.

No Expectations

During the early decades, the 30’s, 40’s and even the early 50’s, no one really hired a professional photographer for a wedding. Usually, it was a friend or family member who captured the day with the biggest and bulkiest cameras but those weren’t really convenient to use. Also visit our top article here. However, the changes to technology ensured those old-fashioned cameras weren’t used no longer.  Since then, wedding photography has changed so much.

A Journey of Wedding Photography in Seattle

The Booming 50’s

It was really in the 1950’s when the technology changed and saw the smaller, more compact cameras appear and more and more people turned to professional photographers. More information is also available here .These photographers became a lot more affordable in almost every instance and it was a lot easier and convenient to hire a professional for Seattle wedding photography. Of course, since more celebrities were pictured it led the way for more to look at the professionals to capture regular people special moments too.


However, since the 50’s the technology has changed so much and over the decades, the cameras changed dramatically. All the way up to the early 2000’s, the cameras were still considered to be big and bulky, but they have really changed. In the past twenty years, cameras have become more compact and more digitally advanced and that means picture quality has improved also. Wedding photography has never been better and the huge advance in technology has really ensured picture quality will only get better.

What Lies Ahead For Wedding Photography?

Today there are things like Photoshop and the ability to airbrush out all of those little imperfections which is just fantastic, however, it also paves the way for the future. In the next few years, there are probably going to be big changes to photography again because the old forms such as printing out photographs and hanging them on a wall is going to almost stop. Instead, there is the rise of digital photo frames; but it can be a good thing and it does mean Seattle wedding photography will improve also.


However, over the past decade or so, there has been a huge amount of creativity found in more photographs than ever before. It might sound strange but its true and it’s what most photos need. Having that extra bit of creativity is important and it is going to ensure people see a new side, a fun and exciting side of photography once again. That is the beauty of wedding photography and its constant change because it has so much room for movement and added sparkle.


Digitally advancements come in all forms and it does seem that it will make the biggest impacts to the way photography works as well. You might not have thought so but there will be changes and in the upcoming years, the way you view photography will differ slightly from today. If you want to know more click here. There is this element of perfection with photographs and it will be found. Seattle wedding photography has changed since the turn of the century and will continue to do so as new technology is found.

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