Don’t get cold feet; imagine how beautiful your Seattle wedding photography will be, in pristine Seattle. It is the perfect destination wedding spot because of the beautiful surroundings around Seattle, Washington. What makes Seattle so special? The combination of lush green mountains and the sea! Can there be a more perfect destination for a wedding?

How to Choose a Good Wedding Photographer

Now, that we have chosen to have our wedding in beautiful Seattle, the hard part is choosing a good wedding photographer. Our wedding pictures will be our printed memories,of the most special day of our lives. So we don’t just want anyone taking our pictures. We want someone who will be able to capture the essence of our love on the camera. When we go online and type in “Seattle wedding photography”, hundreds of options come up. Who to choose? Lets just look at these helpful hints first 1) Choose your style as a couple, maybe we are classical, romantic, edgy, etc. Then we can begin our search for a photographer that specializes in the same style. 2) Research, the best photographer isn’t going to fall from the sky onto our laps, it takes a lot of effort to research, which one is right for us. We can set up an interview with the photographer; see their portfolios of previous work, and most importantly, make sure there is a good vibe between you and the photographer.  3)Shop around, don’t fall in love with the first photographer you interview in Seattle, take the time to find the one that works best for you and compare prices for what you receive. This all takes time but it will guarantee that our Seattle wedding Photographs will capture your memories.

How to search for wedding Photographers Online?

Luckily, we are not living in our parent’s time, where there were only one or two options for a wedding photographer, and all their pictures look rigid and unnatural. We can choose and we have Internet at our fingertips to help us make the best choice. Again, if we Google “Seattle wedding photography”, hundred’s of choices come up. We can click on different websites for the Seattle area and their websites will show us their online photo albums of their work, and eliminating the need to physically visit their shop. Once we have picked several photographers that we like their style, we can either email them with questions or phone them directly. One of the first questions we should ask before getting too serious about a certain photographer is if they are available on the day we plan to have our wedding. Once we emailed the different photographers’websites and they are available to work for us on our special day, is to set up an appointment to meet face to face. In the appointment, you will be able to get a better feel if this photographer is the one. Once you have chosen the photographer, you will have to sign the contracts, making sure the photographer will respect your wishes, on your special day.

Some Extra Hints to Have Best Wedding Photographs

Once we have chosen our vendor for our Seattle wedding photography, it would be wise for the photographer to tour the designated location for the ceremony and reception. As you are there with him or her, you can tell them where you’d especially like your pictures taken and the positions. They will also, express their thoughts and ideas on how to take the pictures and what would look good. This will help the photographer have an idea of what you like and are looking for. Make sure two weeks before the actual wedding you phone and confirm everything and have a close friend or relative take care the last minute details with the photographer, so everything goes smoothly and without stress at the last minute.

We are sure your Seattle destination wedding will be unforgettable and your sweet memories will be forever sealed by your Seattle wedding photography.

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