There was once a small business owner that wanted to grow his business. Now small business marketing wasn’t exactly his best asset.

However, he had a great interest in learning how to market his business but was just too busy. You know, running the day to day activities etc….etc…etc… He was wearing several hats. He was spread rather thin. Time was always short.

Small Business Marketing

His business was slowly sinking, it seemed that failure was the only sure thing (besides death and taxes). The economy was getting bad. He had way too much overhead, costs were rising, sales were falling, he just purchased a building a few years earlier. If you want to know more about photography click here. There was too much month left over at the end of the money.

Small Business Marketing Made Easy

So what did he do?? He knew that small business marketing could help him. He did not have the money to hire a professional marketing firm. But he did have a desire to succeed. He soon came to realize that small business marketing was an investment he had to make in order to survive.

He had been in business for a little while now. You can also visit this link for more information. Unlike many businesses that fail in the first year, he had survived for nearly 10 years. He had a nice customer base. They were loyal customers. Some of them had been with him for the whole 10 years.

One day, after reading some great books on marketing, he decided to try some of the suggestions. A few of the things he had learned were:

  1. Internet Marketing
  2. Viral Marketing
  3. E-Mail Marketing
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. And much more……

It never had occurred to him that he could use the internet to grow his business. After all, he was a “bricks and mortar” kind of business. Although his operation was a service business, he still had all the same pains and headaches of the conventional store selling products.

Turning to his new found knowledge he began to put into practice what he learned about marketing a small business. Many of the methods he used cost very little or were free to implement.

The thing he realized he had to use a combination of many small business marketing methods all at once.

He knew that he had a great service to offer. Customer satisfaction was his primary focus.

Using this, he came up with a marketing plan. It was nothing great, in fact, it took about 5 minutes to create it.

He knew that direct marketing to his existing customers for new and additional services would help his bottom line. He learned that it cost 6 times more to acquire a new customer.

By using a few simple methods, spending a couple of hundred dollars he put his small business marketing to work……

Now we fast forward, let me tell you the end results.

Within just a few short months, he was busier than ever. His monthly sales had begun to soar. His sales for the year that he did this marketing had grown by over 30%. His overall profits grew too because the cost to gain this new business was very little.

A few years later he sold his business and retired when he was 41 years old

All of the above is a true story. Do you see yourself in this story anywhere?

Are you looking to grow your small business? Do you see your sales dropping off in this falling economy? Would you like to learn more how to do small business marketing to increase your bottom line??

If you do, please feel free to browse this website. You can also visit this link . Here you’ll find many different marketing ideas, strategies, and tips.

Most of them are free to implement. Some have a small cost to use, but it’s very little compared to your return.

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